The Winter To Spring Switch Up

The Winter To Spring Switch Up

It's always tricky transitioning your wardrobe between seasons. And during those first few months of spring it gets quite chilly so don't put away all your winter clothes just yet. You can still incorporate some of your lighter weight winter items into your spring and even summer wardrobe.


With this look I kept it light while still allowing myself room to play around with layers to stay cool or warm depending on the temperature outside or even within the office. During the spring the temperature can drop easily in the early evenings; and this is where your lighter weight winter items come into play.


So here I paired a light weight v-neck 100% Cotten sweater with a tweed wool blazer. And keep in mind fabric choices are key. The reason why I went with a 100% Cotten sweater because it's breathable and even though it's long sleeve you can still rock it during the spring and summer months because the Cotten will help you stay cool and if you do sweat it dries quickly. Also, I love a light v-neck sweater paired with shorts it makes for a more sophisticated-casual look.


Furthermore, with the tweed 100% wool blazer which is also a natural fiber that's breathable it gave me an option to create a layered look and it kept me warm during the spring chill. And of course a nice pair of jeans can take you into any season.

So fellas, with your spring and even summer looks you don't have to completely put away your whole winter wardrobe. You can just incorporate those lighter weight items to create some very fly looks during the cooler spring and summer days.



Look Details:

Blazer: JC Penney by Stafford

Sweater: JC Penney by JCP Brand

Jeans: K&G Fashion Superstore by Perry Ellis


Shoes: Converse

Watch: Target

Lapel Pins: Instagram @dapperpinsandcuffs

Glasses: Detroit street vendor