Swag On The Beach

Are you one of those guys that are too fly to get in the water but you still want to hang around the beach and look cool but low key you'er just scared of the water or don't know how to swim. But that's ok your secrete is safe with me and here is one of those looks where you can do just that in...chill out on the beach and look fly.


The main focus of this look is the light weight knit 100% cotten hoodie by Ralph Lauren I got from Carson's during the Goodwell sale. And like I promised here is an example on how to style it. I like the fact that it's very light and breathable therefore you can get away with the Long sleeves and still remain cool. And during the warmer months I love to mix long and short meaning paring long sleeve light weight shirts with shorts. I think that pairing creates a good contrast and will definitely set you apart from the rest this season.


So fellas here's a simple and cool way to be fly at the beach and get away from the boring t-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops.


Look Details:

Hoodie: Polo Ralph Lauren (same)

Shorts: from Marshall's (similar)

Hat: Art Hats (similar)

Watch: eBay (same)

Shoes: Asos (similar)