2018 Failures

This has actually been one of the best years of my life and 2019 will be even greater. However, I just wanted to take a moment to speak on a “failure” that I had this year.


During this time we are seeing everyone’s accomplishments , their highlights, and their Top Nine which is wonderful. But I was led to share one of my biggest setbacks because behind a lot of these accomplishments are major setbacks and disappointments. And this is one of mine.

Clearly in 2018, I went through thin and thick LoL. I started the year off being vegan and losing over 40lbs along with working out 6days a week. However, a few months down the line I gave the vegan thing up and started back indulging in everything. Also, I allowed other priorities to take president in my life and I stopped working out as often. Thus, causing me to eventually lose sight of a major goal of mine.

I didn’t recognize the impact of my cheat days,weeks, and months had till I finally looked up and all my clothes were too tight yet again. Naturally this impacted me emotionally and It even impacted my blogging. I couldn’t create the content I really wanted to post because a lot of my clothes didn’t. And I’m most def not about that buying clothes just to post life.

But as I think about it, I am thankful for this setback. It’s giving me the motivation not to come back to this place. It’s showing me my true weak points and what I can do to fight them. But like I said before this was a fanatic year and I am thankful for my setbacks.

More importantly, through it all I remained happy and confident. When you keep the fact that You are the apple of Gods eye at the forefront of your mind, you have no choice but to remain joyful. So fam I’m the coming year when you have setbacks and failures just recalculate and get back up!