Between Winters



This winter has been crazy! One week we are getting a foot of snow and the next week its 50-60 degrees. Although I love winter wear, layering up, and all that good stuff but when this bitter weather breaks for just a moment I try to take advantage of it and give those big heavy coasts and boots a very small break. Plus this cold winter weather can get you bummed so what better way to enjoy those small breaks in the weather then by switching up your style with a few “non winter’ items.

Therefore, with this look here I did just that. I crossed some of my winter staples with a few “non winter” items and in general I’m just one of those people who likes to wear their clothes all year around.


So here I layered my favorite linen vest  over a warm thermo shirt combined with a pair of comfy corduroyed pants and to add some interest I rocked a fly pair of leopard loafers and I finished off the look with this fine tailored wool and cashmere blend over coat from The Salvation Army...what a great thrift find! 

This winter weather can sometimes get you bummed out so when there is finally a break in weather take advantage of it and have some fun with your style.