Get Beach Ready

I recently received a message from a gentleman who asked, “what he should wear to the beach without having to show his chest or stomach?” At first, I thought to myself well that’s a no brainer, just wear a t-shirt. But the reality is, many big guys dread going to the pool and beach because they will have to expose their bodies, and honestly, I share the same insecurities. However, fellas I’m here to tell you that this summer we are saying “eff” it and eff that!

When you think about it and put things into prospective, no one is at the pool or breach just to look at you and talk about you. People are there to enjoy the water, the sun, and have a good time and so should you.

So, that’s the mindset that I developed to help me get comfortable with exposing my body in those settings. Have the “eff it” mentality and these beaches or pools are going to get whatever body I am blessed with. Also, we must learn how to embrace our bodies regardless of how it currently looks.

More importantly, confidence is key. You have to say to yourself “I look good and I feel great” and guess what, you will start to reflect that on the outside. A man is what he thinks he is first, then he becomes it.

Though, in many regards I am still self-conscious about my chest. So, I like to wear a tight fitting “A-line” t-shirt or tank top shirt when swimming. These shirts are light weight, so they won’t weigh you down while you are in the water and they dry quickly. Also, it is common I see a lot of people both men and women wearing light t-shirts in and around the pool so, that helps with not feeling like an odd ball.


Along with that, you can wear shirts that are a dark color to help conceal your chest and stomach when getting wet.

Therefore, with the look I’m rocking here I paired my swimsuit with a light weight shirt like this linen one. This helps to create a whole new look when you are chilling poolside or just strolling the beach. So, fellas this summer eff the critics, shied those layers, and show some skin.



Click on the image to get the look and other style options: